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Happier and Less Stressful Divorces
The breaking up of a family is an overwhelming and scary time. Hiring a divorce attorney and going into family court can be complicated. Separating families need to be aware that an alternative to the traditional, attorney-represented, divorce process does exist. Family mediation is a less emotional and stressful route. A good family mediator will guide the couple in creating a Marital Settlement Agreement, which includes the division of assets and liabilities and preparation of the Parenting Plan for dependent children.
Divorcing On Your Own
Divorce in South Florida is evolving into a more harmonious process with less litigation. Couples are choosing the collaborative and friendly divorce route on their own or pro se. More importantly, by choosing to mediate first or pre-suit, the dissolution process can be quicker, more efficient and much less costly. Filing for divorce at the courthouse does not have to be your first step.
Paternity Issues
Paternity issues are best resolved in mediation. Paternity issues involve child support calculations, custody and timesharing schedules, and preparation of a Parenting Plan. Unmarried couples who share a child(ren) together are perfect candidates for family mediation because it is the first step in beginning their co-parenting future. Mediation is also a perfect forum for modifying an existing child support and/or timesharing order.
Creating Parenting Plans
Children’s issues make a divorce or separation more complex. Family mediation allows the parents to work together and to create a comprehensive plan for their child(ren)’s future. These decisions should not be made by the courts. It is the beginning of the co-parenting process. A good family mediator will spend a significant amount of time ensuring that child support, time sharing arrangements and the Parenting Plan are fully discussed.
Going Beyond Typical Family Mediation
Family mediation goes beyond the usual divorce or child related issues. Families with teenage or grown children also experience difficulties with parenting. In many cases, families need guidance with decision-making, curfews, and discipline. A family mediator can help the family communicate and resolve problems as well as prepare written agreements for the family to follow.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is a fair and impartial process, whereby the mediator acts as a facilitator between the two parties. The mediator assists the parties in reaching decisions regarding their family issues. The mediator, however, does not make the final decision.

About the Mediator

Jenny is a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. Prior to obtaining her mediation certification, Jenny was an attorney practicing in the field of civil litigation.